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Sustaining and Strengthening Our Partner Affiliates

Our Purpose

Wingspan Care Group is a nonprofit administrative and management organization that provides a united, community-based network of services so member agencies can focus on mission-related goals and operate in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

“The Wingspan Care Group team consistently demonstrates an extremely high level of professionalism and a competency of relevant issues and client needs. I am particularly impressed with the team’s commitment to wellness and the integration of behavioral and physical health care. Their understanding of children, youth and families, as well as the healthcare landscape, both current and emerging trends, has enabled all partners to stay ahead of the curve. “

Lynn Milliner, MD, Chair, Applewood Centers Board of Directors, Pediatrician, The MetroHealth System

Why Wingspan

The experts at Wingspan Care Group have familiarity with the majority of licensing and auditing authorities, having successfully navigated the creation of new programs and the recertification of existing ones. Wingspan affiliates have the advantage of learning from one another and the sharing of best practices. All of this equates to operational efficiencies that hit the bottom line and improve the delivery of service.

At Wingspan, our Finance team offers a breadth and depth of service from accounts payable to receivables to auditing expertise. Wingspan agencies collect over 90% of receivables, far ahead of the industry standard. And, importantly, our size enables our affiliates to weather the uncertainty of cash flow often found in the health care sector.

Wingspan Care Group prides itself on being innovative, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking. That means that we operate with an eye to the future, focusing on staying ahead of the curve. For our affiliates, this means that we are at the forefront of Medicaid and other industry reforms. Our systems, from staffing profiles to information technology to marketing, are ready to adapt to changes ahead. We are prepared to address the introduction of managed care into the Medicaid environment and work closely to ensure that our affiliates are appropriately positioned as well.

Size matters. So does experience and expertise. Wingspan offers all three and that is critically important during times of uncertainty and reformation.

Wingspan affiliates maintain independent status and governance structure yet can use a collective voice to advocate at the local, state, and federal level for funding or legislation impacting service delivery. Wingspan is able to leverage its size, five agencies, 1,205 employees and nearly 50,000 covered lives, to ensure a significant presence in the marketplace. Whether it is to advocate for public policy, rate setting or local contracts, the collective voice of Wingspan resounds.

Become an Affiliate

To learn more about becoming a Wingspan Care Group affiliate, contact:
Beth Cohen Pollack, MPA - Director of Organizational Advancement.

Wingspan Care Group by the Numbers

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Our Affiliates

Through our current member agencies and over 1,205 employees, we offer a variety of treatment, education and prevention programs and services for youth and families including residential treatment, school-based counseling, outpatient therapy, foster care and adoption programs, and autism services. We invite you to learn more about them.