The Wingspan Advantage

What Our Affiliates Say About Wingspan

The ability to be part of a larger network has enabled Applewood to advocate on behalf of more children with a stronger voice.

James Hogg

The efficiencies that Applewood gained through its affiliation with Wingspan Care Group allow us to direct more resources for services to children and families without loss of identity or momentum in the communities we serve.

James S. HoggApplewood Board of Directors
Geoffrey Mearns

As agencies like Applewood face upcoming changes in the Medicaid arena, we know that the experts from Wingspan are at the center of the conversation advocating on behalf of all those we serve. Our partnership ensures the longterm viability of Applewood Centers – which means more services for the children and families that need our help.

Geoffrey MearnsApplewood Board of Directors

Wingspan was an elegant solution to help focus additional resources to Bellefaire's core mission.

Larry Pollock

Wingspan was a great model for Bellefaire because it allowed us to focus our efforts and fiscal resources on helping children in need and not on administrative issues.

Larry PollockBellefaire JCB Board of Directors

Leadership Team

The Wingspan leadership team is comprised of professionals who are credentialed in their area of expertise and have experience at the top of their respective industries. The multidisciplinary, professional team works in tandem with the leadership of affiliates to provide strategic, tactical and administrative support to partner agencies.